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“The Amethyst multi layer necklace is my new favorite and I have received so many compliments on it!!”

Tonnica L.

“Growing Through It is my favorite bath tea. It really helps me unwind and literally” find peace” after a long week taking care of my children and husband. I am a better mother when I take my time for self care.”

Yvonne J.

“This jewelry line is so unique! I can be fashionable and still harness my favorite crystal energies throughout my day.”

Donna B.

“Everything in Alignment gives my skin the glow and shine that I have always wanted. It truly is rejuvenating in a nice hot bath”

Tori L.

“I wasn’t really sure about using Palos Santos or sage to cleanse energies or set intentions in my home. I didn’t know a whole lot about it to be honest. I love that everything I ordered came with a card that provided a guide of how to use the product effectively."

Laya G.