Who We Are


Worthy of Evolving LLC is the free-minded Goods and Self Care Shop for the mind, body, spirit, and home. Founded by Chare’A Smith in 2017, our mission is to affirm every person on their journey of becoming a higher version of themselves by elevating oneself with premium Goods for the mind, body, spirit, and home. Everyone deserves to make self care and natural living a lifestyle.

Together, we are women artisans who bring you the ultimate self care experience with our garden grown herbal body care and hand curated jewelry.

Chare’A Smith and Torri Jackson- Bowman are a mother-daughter duo of Gardeners with over 10 years of experience. Chare'A Smith is the owner of several businesses, a meditation and yoga expert, and inter disciplined artist. Joslyn Jenkins is the Creative Director for Worthy of Evolving with over 5 years of experience in social media content and digital creation. 

Sustainability, Self Affirmation, Healing, and Community Wellness are our #WorthyTribe values

We are a movement, not a store. To evolve is to grow, transform, to be better, and to be healthy from within. We are all growing.
Each year we connect more with the earth by growing our own food and herbs. Many of these herbs can be found in our body products that we hand package in small batches just for you at our Self Care Shop. Our Worthy Jewelry and Home collections are limited edition curations by local artisans.
A portion of all sales and proceeds benefit Melanin Girl's Club Inc. a non profit dedicated to bringing wellness to underrepresented communities. As we take care of ourselves we illuminate more of our inner light. Then, we can illuminate the lights of those around us.

At Worthy of Evolving, we radiate together.  

Thank you for visiting Worthy of Evolving.