The act of burning certain herbs or wood and using the smoke to cleanse the body, soul, or a place of negative energies and bring clarity to the mind and set a positive intention.


An intentional bath experience especially curated for your self care needs. Goddess baths include bath teas made from natural herbs, essential oils, candles, incense, journaling, music, prayer or meditation, and other relaxing practices. Goddess baths have been around for thousands of years. Unplug and rejuvenate.


Crystals are simply minerals from the earth that can be worn, placed in spaces you visit frequently, or carried with you. Choose crystals that you find attractive or you feel drawn to. Crystals and stones are made up of the same elements that make up the human body, the materials around us, and all have different properties that can be used in different parts of your journey. All crystals purchased from Worthy of Evolving have been cleansed and charged, but you should still cleanse and charge them yourself.


To cleanse your crystals you can clear them using smudging techniques with palo santo, sage, or incense. You can also run them under salt water. Cleanse frequently.


To charge your crystals, cleanse and place them in sunlight or allow them to absorb moonlight.


Ye’ Bath teas are herbal “bath bombs” that can be dropped in your tub water to steep and release its natural benefits. Unlike Bath teas, many bath bombs can contain many harsh ingredients, chemicals, and scents. Just like a tea bag, Herbal Bath Teas can be dropped in the bath water for natural added benefits for the skin and body. They create a natural relaxing bath experience and can also be used for a Goddess Bath. Visit the Ye’ Self Care Shop Shop to grab yours today.