Practicing Gratitude

 Gratitude is so transformative because it allows us shift our mindset from lack to abundance.

With practicing gratitude we see that so much has already been done in our lives no matter how far we feel we are from where we want to be. An attitude of gratitude allows us to stay rooted in the present moment. We take nothing for granted. It is important to remain present because when we think too much about the future we become anxious. When we think too much about the past it can lead to sadness or depression. It is important to stay connected to the present moment on our journey. Gratitude is a practice that helps us stay in this space.

Gratitude shifts our beliefs in ourselves so much that we are able to trust the doors that are getting ready to open for us. Gratitude allows us to be thankful for even the smallest things that we take for granted on the day to day.

Like walking, the bus ride, sunshine, water, food, the body functioning properly today, a moment with family, or the job that we currently have.

Too often we wait until we lose something to be thankful to have had it in our lives. Maybe you would have laughed harder, made the most out of the opportunity, savored the meal, been more grateful you didn't have aches and pains, or enjoyed the sun. We can't take anything in our lives for granted. Don't wait until things go wrong with yourself or some one around you to reflect on the things you have to be grateful for.

You might even be in the middle of a manifestation that you wanted a long time ago. Can you be grateful for where you are now even if that comes with a new set of problems that seem heavy?

Deepen your practice of gratitude and begin to shift.

Right now list 5 things that you are grateful for and repeat these affirmations:

"I am thankful for this day."

"I gratefully receive the lessons that all my experiences bring me."

"I am grateful for my breath."

"I am grateful for my health."

"I am grateful for the things that did not go right in my life."

"I am grateful I am able to provide for myself."

"My gratitude opens doors of abundance."

"I choose to practice gratitude no matter what my circumstances are."

" I don't take this life I live for granted."

Center yourself by practicing gratitude everyday. Make it a habit that you practice regularly and watch your life shift in a positive direction.


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