Hiking for Self Care

At Worthy of Evolving we loveeee Hiking as a form of self care and exercise. We have been grateful to go hiking at some cool places across the world. Hiking is a form of self care. Exploring the nature is adventurous and fun.

Hiking has many benefits for our mind, body, and spirit. Getting some fresh air in your lungs, taking in the views, getting some cardio in, and listening to nature is honestly therapeutic. 

Here's some tips for you next hiking trip:

-Always pack water. Hydration is SO important as you move.


- Check the weather ahead of your trip

-Wear bug spray on exposed body parts to avoid small bites and ticks.

 Natural Bug Repellant Recipe: ( mix eucalyptus, lavender, mint, &lemongrass essential oils with a few drops of  your favorite carrier oil for a DIY all natural bug repellent.)

-Wear Sunscreen


-Wear hiking sandals or comfy gym shoes

-Bring your crystals &charge them up in the sun

Do you like hiking ? What are some of your tips?!

Don't forget to soak in our "Growing Through It" Ye bath Tea after your hike to relax and relieve your muscles after exorcising. 

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