Planting more Patience in your Life

We must always plant the seeds of patience so that we can enjoy the present moments of life. We hear about practicing patience in our lives all of the time.

Sometimes it feels like we are working so hard towards a goal or trying to see the results of the changes we are making and it is taking SO long to come to fruition. The thing about patience is we are constantly being taught to learn more of it. You may have a vision for the job you want, the position you are applying for, the degree you want to finish, or the amount of money you want to have. You might be waiting for your big break or something to finally take off because you’ve been working hard. But, you have to be patient and consistent. 

You are simply in the process of getting your wings. If you don’t have what you WANT right now that means you are gaining something that you will NEED later in order to KEEP that thing when you receive it.

So, what are you learning? What work are you doing to expand yourself in the meantime? Are you enjoying the process? Will you breathe easy or torture yourself worrying the entire time until it comes? 

Perspective is the only difference between learning patience the easy way or hard way. Either way, life is going to test you. It's your choice.🌿

"Growing Through it" Ye Bath Tea was inspired by the idea that we are all Growing Through our own circumstances with patience. You may experience a few challenges along the way or it may be hard to see the growth but you are EXPANDING. Keep being patient until you evolve.

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