How To Take A Goddess Bath

We want to bring constant evolution to the meaning of worthy living to ourselves and the world by sharing light on this self care practice.


The truth is that herbal baths have been incorporated into self care routines dating back very far in ancient history. Here's some insight into the practice and how to make self care apart of your lifestyle.

We have to be intentional about taking care of ourselves in our daily activities. Many people simply bathe as a mandatory practice of good hygiene, but those who value good holistic health understand the importance of making self care a lifestyle.
Incorporating Goddess or herbal Baths into your Self Care routine is an amazing way to take care of your mind, body, and spirit with one practice. A herbal bath is the practice of intentional bathing with herbal recipes for bath teas. Routinely incorporating special fresh herbs, oils, and aromatherapy into your self care routine  elevates your bath experience from just another mundane daily activity to Self Care. Infusing the skin with bath tea's promotes good health and different recipes can help you take good care of your body from the inside out.

How To take a Goddess Bath:

1. First, You Need The Tea ☕️

Purchase your Bath Tea's from a company that specializes in providing premium self care products like us, @WorthyofEvolving. Check the link below. Quality herbs are essential in creating your Goddess Bath experience. Shop bath teas from companies who are intentional about creating their goods the entire process from growing the herbs to curating recipes to packaging. Mass produced products from companies with the wrong values in mind are often unethically sourced with less than fresh ingredients. Make sure you get the full benefits of your practice.

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2. Sage, Sage, Sage, & Sage! 🌿

When you Sage your space and yourself you can create peace in your space and connect with your spiritual realm. Smudging has been the used since the beginning of time  because it kills bacteria, clears all negative energy, brings space for clarity, cleanses, and  improves your mood. Did we mention we carry sage, click the link below to get started!

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3. It's Bath Time 🛀🏾

Run some warm bath water and pour your herbs into the warm running water. Decide if you want to pour the bath tea directly into the water or pour the bath tea into your muslin bags to "steep" the bath tea ingredients into your water.  (Don't worry, re-usable Bath tea bags come with every order)

Directly pouring the herbs into the water is a beautiful experience and allows the benefits to infuse into your skin. It also allows you to connect directly with the plants allies that you are using during your session. However, steeping with muslin bags allows you to receive the full benefits of a goddess bath without the messiness of cleaning up the herbs in your bath tub when you are finished. Use our re-usable muslin bath tea bag for steeping the water of your Goddess Bath.

4. It's The Intentions For Me  🧘🏿‍♀️

Be intentional with your time. Practice mindfulness and being intentional by putting your phone on Do not Disturb and allowing yourself to be fully present while soaking in the water. Let your skin reap the benefits of soaking in your Goddess Bath. Play relaxing music. Meditate and take full breaths. You can also add reading a book or journaling. Truly allow yourself to be free and your body to flow into the natural process of rejuvenating itself.

*There are so many ways to make your spiritual bath routine a deeper experience. We give even more ways to enhance your spiritual bath time as a free guide with every purchase! Nourish your spirit the way YOU need to.

5. Scrub-A-Dub-Dub 🧼

Stand and Wash yourself with a good soap as regular. Continue to practice mindfulness and be intentional about caring for yourself as you rinse yourself and dry. You can also begin your spiritual bath session by rinsing off in the shower first before running your water as a matter of personal preference.

6. Throw In The Towel 🧽

Take a disposable towel and wipe the remaining herbs from your tub. Clean tub as regular. If you steeped your water with your bath tea bags, simply turn it inside out and dump the herbs from the bag in the trash. Wash your re-usable bath tea bag in your washer with delicates.

7. Routines Are Keen 🔁

Develop a consistent routine. #SelfCareSunday is a reminder to take care of ourselves at the start of the week, but you can make time for self care any day. Many people also coordinate their spiritual baths with the cycles of the moon or their personal menstrual cycle. Use to maintain your mind, body, and spirit balance.

Bath tea's will each help with different things on your journey. The benefits of herbal bath teas are endless from rejuvenating your energy, detoxing the body, relaxing the muscles, and the aromatherapy benefits depending on the one you buy. At Worthy of Evolving, our bath teas are an affirmation for your mind, body, and spirit with all the benefits on your wellness journey.  

Think of placing your body in a warm cup of brewing tea. Except, the water isn't burning your skin like your tongue when you take a hot sip. Try incorporating Goddess Baths for self care maintenance and experience the beauty of natural wellness. 

Everyone deserves to make self care and natural living a lifestyle. 

Worthy of Evolving is your free minded goods and Self Care Shop for the Mind, Body, Spirit, and Home. Our Self Care Shop provides premium natural body care products with garden grown herbs by our very own black women gardeners. Visit the Self Care Shop to get your bath teas for your next Goddess Bath.

You deserve a Worthy experience of self care.



 Chare'A Taree 





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