#WorthyCrystals Green Aventurine

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Exploring the crystal Green Aventurine and some of its many properties. This bright green crystal brings more than luck, more like opportunity. Known as the "Stone of Opportunity", the Green Aventurine is  thought to bring prosperity, wealth, and balance. Green Aventurine is for the heart, a heart healer some say. It is also used to bring comfort, clear and activate our Heart Chakras to bring emotional calamity.

Affirmation: “ I welcome wealth and abundance into my life by consciously creating space for thoughts of prosperity.”

What are you welcoming into your life today? Be intentional about what you want. Green aventurine is a great stone to incorporate on your healing journey. 

Green Aventurine is good for...

  • Increasing wealth and prosperity
  • Protects gardens and homes from electromagnetic pollution
  • Transmutes negative energy to positive energy
  • Protecting ones heart 

Have you worked with Green Aventurine before?

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