You've got your Personal Style all WRONG

At Worthy of Evolving style is EVERYTHING from our Jewelry to our Home collections.

Here, personal style isn't just about staying up to date with what society deems "trendy." Fast fashion doesn't create Worthy Communities. Something we truly believe in.

At @worthyofevolving our style is afrohemian, artistic, bold, and affirming. We draw inspiration from art, life, and culture to our pieces. Styling Wear Worthy is about owning your confidence and daring to be different. We encourage everyone to take up space.

Your personal style is just that: Personal. It’s an attitude, a way of life, it’s how you move, and why you are attracted to the things you are attracted to. It’s more than following trends, or being an influencer--it’s self expression.

Personal style is made up of real karats and statement pieces, high end and vintage, handmade and sentimental pieces, small business brands, and fashion house. It's how you put those things together that make up your Personal Style. 

And you never have to worry about personal style going out of style. You just continue to evolve over time to get better.

Curations that set the vibe   @worthyofevolving 

How would you describe your personal style?

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