Concept Store

We are a movement, not a store

Worthy of Evolving is a concept store of free-minded goods for the mind, body, spirit, and home.
Each year brings a new limited curation from Worthy of Evolving. We collaborate with our community to bring each new vision to life.
The mission is the same: To affirm every person on their journey to becoming a higher version of themselves.
Concept 1
Bath Teas, Meditation Journals, & Ye Self Care Boxes
Our first curation featured Ye Self Care Boxes that included self care items and products from black owned companies across the U.S. We also curated our first bath teas "Find Peace, Create Peace" and "Finding Peace"
Chare'A released the "Evolution Journal: Trip 1 - Journaling with Purpose, Self Care Poetry.
We taught meditation and journaling classes in the midwest with our event "Cycles if the Soul" where attendees drank tea and used writing as a form of healing.
Concept 2
The Jewelry + Self Care Shop
Our second curation featured jewelry made and curated by black women artisans. These were both statement pieces and real gold pieces featuring symbols of affirmation, crystals, and unique pieces to express oneself.
We relaunched our bath teas with new packaging for a complete luxury bath experience featuring herbs grown from our very own garden.
We created the Service House for all of our wellness classes and resources
Ye Self Care. 
Concept 3
The Jewelry, Self Care, and Food Shop
An extension of Concept two, this curation featured new jewelry designs, luxury herbal bath teas, and also food distribution from our own farm. 
During the pandemic we expanded our business to begin gifting food and herbs grown in our very own garden to people in the Gary, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indiana, the south suburbs, and Chicago, Illinois. With Food deserts already a problem in our communities, the pandemic and the aftermath of the Murder of George Floyd brought on an increasing problem of food security.
Worthy of Evolving became part of the solution offering free vegetables and herbs to our communities. 
Concept 4
Into the Garden
Our latest curation features a step into the garden with our community. We will be educating communities in the midwest and across the U.S on gardening, sustainability, and living a life worthy of wellness. 
Catch us in the garden all year- collaborating with beautiful organizations, leading + planting community wellness gardens with children, and teaching how to prepare delicious meals with food that we grow ourselves.
We have grown our own food, herbs, and fished for over 10 years to provide for ourselves.
Take a step Into the Garden to learn more about this beautiful wellness journey with Worthy of Evolving.